Warranty Policy

HINEN attaches great importance to the user’s experience. And we hope that our professionalism and dedication can make customers feel at ease.

I. Product Warranty Period
HINEN Team provides the warranty service in the easiest way.
◾ Base 6i : 3 years
◾ Pro Series, Max Series and Base 5b : 5 years (optional 10 years )
The warranty period begins on the date the customer signs for the goods.

II. Supported warranty vouchers
2.1. Sales invoices
2.2. Product nameplate and SN number

III. Warranty policy
3.1. 30 days free return, exchange, repairs
Within 30 days (including 30 days) from the date of purchase, if the product has a quality problem that is not caused by human damage, you can choose to refund the invoice price or replace the product with the same model and specifications, or choose to repair it free of charge.

3.2. Warranty Repair
Within the warranty period, if the product has any performance faults that are not caused by human damage, you can enjoy free maintenance service.

Ⅳ. The following are not covered by the warranty
4.1. Damage caused by transportation, loading and unloading on the way of returning, exchanging or sending for repair.

4.2. Any damage caused by modification, disassembly, or repair not authorized by HINEN .

4.3. Accidental factors, human factors, force majeure factors (such as fire, earthquake, flood, etc.) cause damage to the product.

4.4. Failure to install the product, use, maintain, or store it in accordance with the instruction manual resulting in malfunction or damage to the product.

4.5. Products without warranty certificates, warranty certificates that do not match the product model, or warranty certificates that have been altered.

4.6. The product nameplate and SN barcode are torn off, altered or damaged, indistinct and unidentifiable.

4.7. Products that have expired their warranty period.

4.8. Products purchased from unauthorized dealers.

4.9. Non quality-related issues.

Ⅴ. Repair Quality Commitment
5.1. Within the warranty, if a complete replacement (excluding accessories) occurs, the replacement product recalculates the warranty period; if a component replacement occurs, the replacement host continues the original warranty period, the warranty period of the host is less than 30 days in accordance with the calculation of 30 days, and the replacement component continues the host for the remainder of the warranty period or 90-day warranty (whichever is longer).

5.2. Out-of-Warranty Repair Replacement parts or accessories are covered by a 90-day limited warranty.

Ⅵ. Product return, exchange and repair guidelines
Before returning, exchanging or repairing a product, please check that the following are prepared:

 Warranty Service Mainframe, accessories complete Packaging integrity Invoice (unaltered)
Return goods
Exchange goods

When the product you purchased fails, please contact the HINEN after-sales center for the first time to confirm the fault. After HINEN after-sales personnel preliminarily confirm that the problem is the product itself, repair or return or exchange the product according to the product SN and warranty certificate provided by you.

After receiving the faulty equipment, HINEN after-sales center conducts professional inspection of the equipment and determines the corresponding maintenance plan. For the products within the free warranty period, the corresponding repairs, exchanges and returns will be carried out in accordance with the warranty policy. If the repair method is adopted, the bad parts replaced will belong to HINEN. For products that are tested to be faultless, they will be returned in their original condition.

If the product does not meet the warranty conditions and needs to be charged, HINEN after-sales center will collect the repair fee from the consumer and provide the repair report.

VII. Shipping costs for return to repair
7.1. Repair that does meet the warranty conditions: Freight is borne by HINEN (freight is subject to local logistics standards).

7.2. Repair that does not meet the warranty conditions: the freight shall be borne by the customer.

VIII. Disclaimer
8.1. HINEN will not be liable for malfunctions or damages caused by your failure to operate the product in accordance with the product's instructions and manual.

8.2. Under no circumstances shall HINEN be liable for any indirect damage or loss of profits that may result from the Products.

8.3. If the product is damaged or the service is interrupted due to force majeure (including but not limited to natural disasters, wars, terrorist activities, etc.), HINEN will not assume any responsibility.

8.4. HINEN shall not be liable for any illegal or criminal activities using HINEN products.

IX. Support
If you have any service needs in terms of use help, repair, return, exchange, extended warranty, etc., and other help you need, please contact us: service@hinen.com (we will provide 24 hours online reply).