Hinen exhibirá en The Smarter E Europe


In 2023, the EU added 56GW of new photovoltaic installations, with residential solar accounting for two-thirds of this growth. To achieve the EU’s goal of having renewable energy making up at least 42.5% of its mix by 2030 (with a challenge goal of 45%), further acceleration in the deployment of renewable energies, including solar power, is necessary. By the end of 2023, the EU's photovoltaic installed capacity had reached 259.99GW. The plan is to increase this capacity to at least 20GW by 2025 to strengthen crisis resilience.

Against this backdrop, the much-anticipated The Smarter E Europe exhibition is set to commence. The exhibition is divided into four segments: Intersolar Europe (solar), ees Europe (battery energy storage systems), Power2Drive Europe (electric mobility and charging infrastructure), and EM-Power Europe (energy management and integrated energy solutions).

Among these, ees Europe in Munich, Germany, is the world's largest event for the battery storage industry, gathering leading companies and innovators to discuss future trends in battery technology. Hinen will make a significant appearance with its innovative Max High-voltage System, composed of the Max 12it Inverter and the Max 8b Battery Module, offering a high-performance and high-safety energy storage solution.

Hinen @ The Smarter E Europe

The Max 12it Inverter is a 12kW three-phase hybrid inverter that supports 150% PV input, allowing for a maximum solar panel generation capacity of 18kW to ensure optimal energy capture. It covers a wide battery voltage range of 120-600V and offers a maximum charge/discharge current of 30A, ensuring efficient energy conversion. The inverter is equipped with an EPS (Emergency Power Supply) switch function with a minimum switching time of 10 milliseconds, providing seamless power transition during outages. It also supports 100% unbalanced output, flexibly meeting diverse energy needs, and offers multiple operating modes, making it ideal for both residential and commercial energy storage applications.

The Max 8b Battery Module is a 7.7kWh high-voltage lithium battery that uses safe and reliable lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells. It supports a maximum continuous charge/discharge current of 45A, with each module capable of 7.7kW power output and the entire energy storage system reaching a maximum input/output power of 23.3kW, showcasing outstanding performance. The module offers up to 90% usable capacity and has a cycle life of up to 6000 cycles. The Max 8b is compact and lightweight, allowing for single-person installation. It features a "Lego-style" stackable integrated design and plug-in capability, eliminating the need for manual wiring and cable connections between battery modules, greatly simplifying the installation process. This battery module is highly scalable, supporting up to three modules per unit within its lifespan, allowing for flexible capacity adjustments to meet various needs.

Hinen's Max High-Voltage System not only leads the way in technological innovation but also excels in user experience. The entire system has an IP65 protection rating, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Its integrated die-cast molding process and large heat sink ensure efficient heat dissipation with a fanless design, significantly reducing maintenance work and costs. The system operates at noise levels below 25dB. With a BMS triple safety circuit and five layers of battery protection, the system ensures user safety and minimizes the risk of emergencies. Through the Hinen APP, users can monitor household energy consumption anytime, anywhere, easily managing their power usage and enjoying the convenience of smart living.

About Hinen

Founded in 2004, Hinen Group is a publicly listed electronics company known for its leading product capabilities, R&D strength, and manufacturing technology (stock code 300787). Hinen New Energy, a subsidiary, focuses on the development, production, and sales of residential energy storage solutions, committed to enabling energy independence for families worldwide. Hinen takes pride in its European operations and is dedicated to providing superior localized services.